Electrical Energy Distribution Systems and Industrial Automation for over 30 years

ART SYSTEM obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 and Vision 2000 quality certifications in 2003; its production spans across the wide range of process and system automation of industrial machines in various sectors.

From an operational point of view, starting from projects supplied by the customer or studied and proposed by the company’s technical department, ART SYSTEM deals with the assembly of the numerous components that form an industrial process command and control system, leveraging partnerships with specialized component and instrumentation distributors, choosing the best suppliers on the market.

Photovoltaic Systems

Art System has offered solutions for the production of renewable energy since 2009. Our team of technicians designs and manufactures photovoltaic systems through a series of services focused on increasing productivity, managing every aspect from both a technical and administrative point of view.


The company has been active on the home automation market since 2009. This highly interdisciplinary area requires the contribution of many different technologies and professional skills, including construction engineering, architecture, energy engineering, automation, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications and information technology.


The software department works closely with the electrical design department to carry out an analysis in order to understand the needs to be met, all alongside the customer at every step. It then proceeds to develop algorithms and write code. The project ends with functional tests and final testing.

Electrical Panels and Systems

Over the years, the company has distinguished itself for its design and construction of industrial electrical systems and distribution boards, automation and motor control systems, proposing solutions that have been designed and optimized to meet clients’ needs.